5 ways of using tech to engage students
There has been a phenomenal tech transition in UK schools over the past two decades. Gone are the days of a single desktop computer...
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6 crucial steps when conducting an IT health check at your school
While technology potential when it comes to improving teaching and learning has never been greater, the fast-moving ICT landscape makes...
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A teacher’s guide to Pinterest
Pinterest is an information sharing website and app that lets people ‘pin’ content and build and maintain...
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ActivPanel Case Study
ActivPanel inspires collaborative learning in West Calder High School
West Calder High School in West Lothian received funding to create its Inspired Learning Plaza — an open-plan collaborative learning...
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Are teachers getting younger? The state of the school workforce and its impact on teaching methods
Established educators often note that the school workforce is increasingly filled with inexperienced young teachers, fresh from...
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Augmented Reality: how does it help pupils learn?
Modern teaching methods increasingly tap pupil engagement with emerging technology. Virtual Reality (VR), through the use of simple and...
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Battling IT infrastructure issues in your school
Poor quality, faulty, and out-of-date ICT equipment is one the main reasons for teachers not using technology in schools. In a recent...
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Bett: Bringing together people, ideas, practices and technologies
Bett is your annual opportunity to experiment with the latest technology, hear from inspirational figures and experts in the industry...
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Can technology help pupils to develop soft skills?
Developing hard and soft skills is crucial to a successful teaching and learning experience. However, while the majority of educators...
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