How can schools improve teacher ICT training on a small budget?
Rapid developments in technology are changing our educational landscape; and for schools, this change offers the opportunity to use...
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Guest author
Teaching digital competence in secondary schools
According to the Government, digital competence is defined as a cross-curricular set of skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable the...
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EdTech news roundup – September 2017
Here are three of the latest UK education and edtech news stories from last month… A quarter of young people admit to bullying...
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ClassFlow Guide
Using ClassFlow to build a better geography classroom
Geography is one of education’s oldest disciplines. It is a subject rich in heritage and scholarly tradition, reaching back 2000...
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Create a class wiki: five reasons to get your pupils blogging, and how.
Fostering digital literacy is an important ingredient to modern teaching. Our youngest generation will be under pressure to demonstrate...
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Back to school: tips for the new academic year
As September begins, anyone in education is eagerly anticipating the new academic year. Whether they are considering the best classroom...
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Differentiation in the classroom — 7 methods of differentiation
As we’ve already discussed in this series, differentiation in the classroom allows teachers to give pupils of all capabilities, in...
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Differentiation in the classroom — engaging different learning profiles
Differentiation in the classroom is an important skill for teachers to give pupils the best chance at learning, regardless of their...
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Differentiation in the classroom — understanding ability, readiness and interest
In the first part of our series on differentiation in the classroom, we identified seven learning profiles that teachers should be...
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