Differentiation in the classroom — engaging different learning profiles
Differentiation in the classroom is an important skill for teachers for giving pupils the best chance at learning, regardless of their...
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Augmented Reality: how does it help pupils learn?
Modern teaching methods increasingly tap pupil engagement with emerging technology. Virtual Reality (VR), through the use of simple and...
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ActivPanel Case Study
Ysgol Y Ddraig school’s vision for a modern learning environment
Ysgol Y Ddraig was created in October 2016 as a fusion of two existing primary schools, with a mission to design an engaging...
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Teaching Generation Z: do kids work better with pen and paper than any other medium?
The main objective of pedagogy is to inspire, nurture and encourage young minds to question and absorb information, and to develop...
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Differentiation in the classroom — understanding ability, readiness and interest
In the first part of our series on differentiation in the classroom, we identified seven learning profiles that teachers should be...
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Put a spin on it — can fidget spinners be used as a teaching tool?
Classroom trends come and go — Pokemon Go, loombands, tamagotchis — today it’s fidget spinners. When a craze hits the classroom,...
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Differentiation in the classroom — 7 types of learner
The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) introduced differentiation in the classroom as a method of identifying pupils...
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Guest author
Time to go with the flow: the rebirth of the interactive whiteboard
As a senior lecturer in Primary ITE at Winchester University, Jon Audain knows a thing or two about modern teaching. Jon is one of our...
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End of year school reports: how can student assessment be improved?
The end of year school report has become a controversial subject. Parents are increasingly critical of the level of attention they...
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