FAQs for Promethean Planet Members

I don’t have a login for ClassFlow, how do I proceed?

Your Promethean Planet email address and password will work once our team have transferred all the data; this is an ongoing process that we hope to have completed by the 20th September 2016.

Software installation

Where can I find the ActivInspire software?

Download the ActivInspire software from our Global Support Community.

Where can I find the ActivInspire Resource Pack?

Download the ActivInspire resource pack from our Global Support Community.

Using Resources

Where can I find ActivInspire flipchart lessons? And how can I search for ActivInspire flipcharts?

All the ActivInspire flipcharts from Promethean Planet have been moved to the ClassFlow Marketplace. To search specifically for ActivInspire flipcharts, select “flipchart” using the file format filter inside the ClassFlow Marketplace.

How do I download and use an ActivInspire lesson or resource pack?

All resources, lessons and activities can be found inside the Marketplace.

Downloadable resources, such as ActivInspire flipcharts, PowerPoint presentations and ActivInspire resource packs, have an “add to my resources” button. This copies the file into a folder under “My Resources” called “Marketplace”. At this point you can either convert the resource into a ClassFlow lesson or to use the file in ActivInspire by downloading it to your computer’.

How do I share a flipchart lesson I have created with the community? And where do I submit a resource to share?

In order to share a flipchart lesson you have created, you will first need to login to your ClassFlow account and then follow these steps:

  • Go to My Resources from the main navigation.
  • Click “New” and select “File Upload” from the sub-menu.
  • Once the file is uploaded to your My Resources drive, you will need to select the file and click “Publish”.

How do I download and use a ClassFlow resource?

It is not possible to download ClassFlow lessons and assessments to your personal computer; rather, in order to use these resources, you must click the “Add to My Resources” button from the resource preview. After clicking this button, a copy of the resource will be placed inside your “My Resources – Marketplace” folder.

I purchased lessons from the old Planet Store, and now I can’t find them. Where can I find these lessons?

If you purchased items from the Store and need the download again, please contact our Customer Support Team via our Global Support Community.

Support and Professional Development/Learning

Where can I get technical or product support?

Support for Promethean products and troubleshooting help can be found inside our Global Support Community. Here you can search Knowledgebase articles, view conversations and/or post a question of your own to our Customer Support Team.

Where can I find the Promethean Planet themes?

The themes are still available, however, they have been converted into downloadable learning packs and contain links to relevant resources.

To find these learning packs, select “Learning Pack” under the file format filter inside the ClassFlow Marketplace.

Where can I find Promethean ActivTip videos?

The ActivTip videos have moved and are now located inside Promethean’s Global Support Community on the ActivInspire page.

Is there an equivalent to the Planet Forums?

There are a number of discussion categories within the Community on ClassFlow your thoughts and experiences are always welcome.

Where will I find news and events?

Keep abreast of all our latest news and find out what we’re up to by visiting the ClassFlow Community pages and for everything else Promethean including ActivInspire visit PrometheanWorld.com