The use of technology in education is transforming classrooms. Find out all you need to know about the current benefits of technology in education, with unique insights into what the future of technology in education might look like.
5 ways of using tech to engage students
There has been a phenomenal tech transition in UK schools over the past two decades. Gone are the days of a single desktop computer...
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A teacher’s guide to Pinterest
Pinterest is an information sharing website and app that lets people ‘pin’ content and build and maintain...
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Battling IT infrastructure issues in your school
Poor quality, faulty, and out-of-date ICT equipment is one the main reasons for teachers not using technology in schools. In a recent...
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Bett: Bringing together people, ideas, practices and technologies
Bett is your annual opportunity to experiment with the latest technology, hear from inspirational figures and experts in the industry...
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Can technology help pupils to develop soft skills?
Developing hard and soft skills is crucial to a successful teaching and learning experience. However, while the majority of educators...
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Can technology help smash the glass ceiling in education?
While attracting women into teaching has never been a problem, according to a recent report 43% of female teachers believe the glass...
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ClassFlow Guide
Enabling Student-Teacher Collaboration with ClassFlow
Summary Collaborative learning is necessary to cultivate the 21st-century skills required by employers. However, student collaboration...
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Five trends set to shape education in 2017
With 2017 fast approaching, we take a look at the trends set to shape classrooms across the UK over the next year. 1. Flexible...
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How can BYOD support modern education?
School budgets are under increasing pressure, with significant sources of finance being cut in real terms. At the same time, schools...
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