Teaching Resources

Getting your hands on the assets you need to do your job can be tough. With advice on how to access the latest teaching tools and teacher resources, we ensure you have all the resources you need.
A teacher’s guide to Pinterest
Pinterest is an information sharing website and app that lets people ‘pin’ content and build and maintain...
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Battling IT infrastructure issues in your school
Poor quality, faulty, and out-of-date ICT equipment is one the main reasons for teachers not using technology in schools. In a recent...
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Can technology help smash the glass ceiling in education?
While attracting women into teaching has never been a problem, according to a recent report 43% of female teachers believe the glass...
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Digital literacy in the classroom. How important is it?
Never before has there been a more powerful influence on human behavior, irrespective of country or culture, than the combined effect...
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Fighting fake news in the modern classroom
Fake news has crept into the classroom, with more than a third of teachers now seeing false information found online – cited in...
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How can teacher productivity tools help you to do more in less time?
Teachers in the UK work, on average, 57.5 hours a week, and are likely to work more unpaid overtime than staff in any other industry....
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How can teachers use technology for career advancement?
Teaching can be an altruistic profession, but, while teachers love to watch their pupils succeed and flourish, their own career paths...
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How can technology aid learning and assessment?
Understanding what students know, and what they don’t know, is central to effective learning. If pupils attempt tasks that are...
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How to use Virtual Reality in lessons
“32% of educators are using technology to bring experts or experiences into the classroom virtually.” The State of...
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