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Promethean Planet has merged with ClassFlow

The Community is expanding...

ClassFlow unites the Promethean Planet community with an expanded galaxy of resources and the ability to deliver collaborative lessons all in one space – simply login using your Planet email address and password to get started.

For our loyal Planet users you can still:

Easily find flipcharts, resource packs and other teaching resources
Download ActivInspire Software
Get support for your favourite Promethean products

Boldly teach like you’ve never taught before

Explore the expanded Marketplace, interact with peers, discover a wider variety of free and premium resources - all in one place.

Store your files in the Cloud with your ClassFlow account and access them from anywhere.

Experience new frontiers in learning.

Explore the expanded Marketplace

Search just as you would in Promethean Planet. To download resources use your Promethean Planet email address and password.

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Your ClassFlow account is waiting for you – simply login using your Planet email address and password.