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Lesson Planning

With practical tips on how to set lesson objectives, and how to create and deliver lessons, assessments, and assignments, find out how educational technology can help you with lesson planning; quickly and easily.
How to use video conferencing in the classroom
Video conferencing lets educators bring the world into their classrooms, helping to create inspiring, interconnected learning...
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Fighting fake news in the modern classroom
Fake news has crept into the classroom, with more than a third of teachers now seeing false information found online – cited in...
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Digital literacy in the classroom. How important is it?
Never before has there been a more powerful influence on human behavior, irrespective of country or culture, than the combined effect...
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7 stages to creating the modern classroom
What will the classroom of tomorrow look, sound, and feel like? Developments in technology, space and pedagogy can all be acknowledged...
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How to use Virtual Reality in lessons
“32% of educators are using technology to bring experts or experiences into the classroom virtually.” The State of...
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Reimagining the modern classroom
As traditional pedagogy continues to move towards more active learning, schools will find it necessary to invest in evolved classrooms....
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How to use Raspberry Pi to promote collaborative learning
“72% of teachers would consider a technology-based solution when tackling a teaching issue.” The State of Technology in...
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4 catalysts for modern learning
There are four key catalysts when it comes to ensuring students have the necessary motivation to learn: engagement, personalisation,...
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Why the UK education system needs a return to deep-learning
Over the next 20 years, millions of jobs will become automated, with the rise of the robots predicted to wipe out numerous occupations....
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