Encourage the active participation of each and every student with ClassFlow.

Through the interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, curriculum and assessments for learning, ClassFlow provides real educational benefits, while keeping pupils engaged.

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ClassFlow connects any device in the classroom from interactive whiteboards to students’ own mobile phones, working flexibly for teaching any subject.

Create lessons, assessments, and assignments, quickly and easily; for use in and out of the classroom
Deliver interactive lessons with materials such as videos, images, and other digital content.
Instil communication skills, responsibility, self-esteem, and leadership skills in your pupils.
Assess student comprehension in the moment of learning with real-time assessments and instant polling.
Customise lessons and assignments depending on the ability and learning style of each pupil.
Share learning as it happens, with the whole class, increasing pupil discussion and participation.
Make the most of your existing IT equipment and resources, without any additional spend.
Facilitate collaboration between teachers and pupils, both in person and remotely.
Celebrate and reward good behaviour, and watch student motivation accelerate.

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ClassFlow has changed how I deliver my lessons. Having all my lessons and assessment content in one place is a real time saver, plus it's really easy to use!

Bring learning to life with ClassFlow: the one-stop-shop for all your educational technology needs. Simple to use and easy to understand, even for non-tech savvy teachers, ClassFlow is a modern enablement tool, designed with teachers in mind.

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